Sunday 2 April 2017

Beat Procrastination by Planning Time to Play

... copied verbatim from site at link below...

Neil Fiore, in his book The Now Habit, talks about creating what he calls “the unschedule,” a system that aims to do the laughable—the unthinkable, even—of only committing 30 minutes a day to productive work. But before scheduling your work, he recommends scheduling your play.

Excuses that go through a procrastinator's mind to justify putting things off are excuses like, "I haven't had enough time to play, so I need to watch 10 YouTube videos to feel relief from my stressful job.” Procrastinators use the excuse that play is lacking in their day to justify why they should procrastinate more.

By using the unschedule, you prioritize the thing that you need the most if you feel overwhelming stress from work—guilt-free play, or simply some fun. Fun and creativity are how we make connections in our work that we wouldn't normally make while we are actually at our day jobs. That's why “shower thoughts” exists as a subforum on Reddit.

We can create powerful connections by using play, but unless we prioritize it and make it happen on a daily basis, it won’t happen. Instead, work takes over as the main priority throughout the day. If that's the case, then it's no wonder that we feel overworked.

Following the unschedule means that you need to schedule things such as appointments with friends, hangout time, family time and weekend activities. It means planning out a whole day of rest that involves doing maybe a few minor chores here or there and scheduling a day to truly enjoy life. It means scheduling your breaks every day, if you can get them. It means scheduling things like a lunch break or a meeting with someone in your network.

By following the unschedule and prioritizing play, you create a sense of calmness. And when your playful activity is over or your break is over, you create an urgency within yourself and say, "Okay, now I can work."