Sunday 17 September 2017

Unless we Find Time to Unplug and Reset, Our Collective Health Will Suffer

This is an interesting read from Benjamin Hardy about how our western society is headed towards a health crisis unless we learn to unplug and reset.  We are living frantic lives that are dictated to us by powers outside of our control, and the best way to regain control is to unplug and reset.  He cites "The Adrenal Reset Diet" book, where authors Alan Christianson M.D. and Sara Gottfried M.D. explain that unless we create the space to truly unplug, reset, refresh, and recharge — our body’s natural and evolutionary response is to store fat rather than burn it. Hence, it is projected that within the next 10 years, the majority of the global population will be over-weight to obese.

Link to book:

The blog post also has a call to action to encourage us to take control back from all of these outside sources, to regain our sanity, health and relationships!