Tuesday 5 November 2019

List of Habitutdes that Make a Difference

I love the way English allows us to play with words.  We can (hopefully creatively) smash together two words, and the new work can hopefully relay the meaning in a fun, novel way.

As I was writing the title to this reminder post, out popped the word "Habitutdes"... these are the attitudes and habits one wants to cultivate into an inspirational, wise old-growth forest!

I'm working on using microsteps to adopt new habitudes.  For the past few weeks, it's been me doing increasingly long planks.  That's all I need to do.  Forget about my money dreams, work stress, school calendars, diet, social... everything.  All I need to do differently is a 3 or 4 minute plank. 

This has been tough to acclimatize to!

Anyway, as part of this web page's role of being a collection point for my random (yes oddly specific) findings, I'm going to start a list of what "successful" people say is necessary to be "successful", however one may choose to experience it.

Bill Gates:
Remain Curious / Read and research lots
Delegate tasks you're less good at.
Optimism.  Remember successes to get you through the down times.