Sunday 28 August 2016

Exercise... precisely timed... can help new learners retain knowledge

The test was conducted with only three test criteria... after learning the same topic, 1/3 of the group did not perform any exercise, another 1/3 did 35 minutes of exercise right afterwards, and the last 1/3 did exercise 4 hours later.

When tested two days later, it was the group that exercised 4 hours afterwards that did the best.  The next best group was the one that did NO exercise, and the one that exercised right afterwards was last (but quite close to the 2nd place).

Human Touch is Critical for Childhood Development... so why not adults?

The article at the link below isn't particularly scientific, but it speaks from the heart about the importance of human touch the basic development of children, and then questions how we move away from that as adults.

In other cultures, such as India, it's not uncommon to see groups of adults of the same gender holding hands as they walk.  We are only beginning to discover the incredible healing power, and health maintaining benefits of this everyday, casual human touch.

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Those Who Donate a lot are Happier Than Those Who Donate a Little

Hmmm... I love positive news, so sometimes it's hard for me to put on my cynical hat... it just really doesn't look good with these glasses and shoes!  But I did find myself thinking "Isn't THAT convenient" to a post on a website about fundraising for non-profit groups that indicates that giving more means the donator will be happier than those who donated a little or nothing at all.

Yet still, it is the first study of its kind, and it will be nice to see what the real life enriching benefits of giving are.  Is there anything about HOW we give that makes a difference, for example.