Sunday 19 March 2017

Exercise's Supercompensation Theory: does it work for our brains?

Bodybuilding can be a great analogy for successful change and growth.  In the link below TedTalk with Mischa Janiec inspired me to research more about Supercompensation.   This is the precise timing of your next work out to build on the natural process of your body "growing" in anticipation of the next taxing workout.  If we exercise again too soon, we will merely compromise our recovery.  If we wait too long, we will have returned "to normal", and thus we will be building from the same position as before, as though the workout didn't even happen.

I know there is no scientific basis to translate this to our mental capacity, but I found it to be a great metaphor... we go into life to fail so we know how to grow and get stronger.  And we must keep challenging ourselves for growth... but not too much too soon to cut into our recovery time, and not too little after too longer, or we will have forgotten the benefits of our earlier challenge. 

Invest in Yourself.  Go beyond in the gym, and you will go beyond in every other aspect of your life.