Sunday 12 March 2017

Comfort May Be Ruining Your Life

It's the hypothesis by Bill Eckstrom, in his Ted Talk Video "Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life", that our very pursuit of a lower stress, low change environment may very well be the major cause of our malcontent and dissatisfaction.

He presents four interlocking circles in a vertical column.  Moving from Stagnation at the bottom, up to Comfort, to Complexity, then to Chaos at the top.  He says we always have to go to Complexity to grow.

Great value in this philosphy, but I have problems with the word "always".  We can grow our money comfortably with good investing.  We should lose weight "comfortably" for it to stay off.  We can make conscious decisions to improve our situation and ourselves, and do it comfortably and calmly.

However, I do agree that moving into Complexity will mean you have to change, grow and adapt, which are all good things for your over all quality of life and satisfaction. 

Some people just want to be comfortable and don't want to change... as short sighted as this may be.  What we need to do is learn to comfortable in complexity... and welcome it into our lives.