Sunday 12 February 2017

The More Something Becomes a Habit, the Less Pleasure We Get

An interesting hypothesis, that as we turn our likes into habits, we lose our emotional connection with them.  In essence, we get less happiness from these special occurrences.

So if you want to continue to like something, the writer seems to indicate you shouldn't do it too often.

I'm of a different mindset on this: if it's enjoyable and positive, then you should be driven to do it more and more, and the prospect of doing it "more" to get a reward is not a negative idea. 

Of course, there is the "everything in moderation" advice which has merit.  But I love going to the gym and lifting weights; I really do!  And I know I can do it "too often" and end up injuring myself.  But it's a habit to go three times a week, and I enjoy it just as much every time, even though it's a habit. 

So have a read and see what you think!