Monday 16 January 2017

What are the Four Pillars of Meaning

According to author Emily Esfahani Smith in her book "The Power of Meaning; Crafting a Life that Matters", these are the “four pillars of meaning”: Belonging, Purpose, Storytelling, and Transcendence. "Ultimately, there were four themes that came up repeatedly, both in my conversations and in the research. Again and again, people mentioned relationships and communities that make them feel cared for and respected. They discussed life goals that contribute to the world, which they are actively working toward. They described creating narratives about their lives that help them understand themselves and the world more deeply. And they talked about experiencing awe and self-transcendence—times when they lost themselves and felt connected to something bigger." "The pillars are accessible to everyone; we can all build up each of these pillars in our lives. We can find belonging in a book club or in a brief connection with a barista at the coffee shop. We can find purpose by helping a colleague at work or coaching a Little League team. We can reflect on a pivotal experience from our life to understand more deeply who we are. We can look up at the vast night sky and feel awe at our place in the universe."