Friday 1 July 2016

Mild Adversity in Life May Make You Happier!

My mother was a modern woman of the '70s. Any thing that could be made convenient, was. Fish now came in over-ready pre-made breaded sticks; throw out the frying pan! Popcorn could now be popped in a tiny microwave oven; puncture all the Jiffy-pop trays and throw them in the river!

But in our quest for ongoing convenience and ease, we may be setting ourselves up to be less happy, since even mild adversities make us happier in the end. The article below speaks of even more serious adversities, such as bullying or having a serious illness... nobody wants these... and it's good to know if you suffer through these, the silver lining may be that you more often see the silver lining. And I don't mean "silver lining the bottom of the river bed" from all the Jiffy pop trays... but I digress.