Sunday 14 February 2016

iThrive Competition to Develop Empathy Games for Teens

Empathy is a key element of Enriching Psychology™, and while some people seem to have a more natural aptitude towards empathy, it's also a skill that can be modelled and learned. is an organization that encourages creative teams to design and develop digital games that empower teens to develop their skills for empathy and other proven positive psychology principles.

Every team has at least one student, and the competition winners win prize money to help them complete their game development, and is eligible for display in iThrive’s “Psyched Up” Arcade, which will have a presence at multiple respected gaming conferences across the US.

Their website says it best: "iThrive’s work is rooted in–and seeks to advance–science at the intersection of teen development, social and emotional skills, positive psychology, gaming, and game design. We collaborate with top researchers in these fields to explore how great video games can support teen flourishing."