Saturday 7 November 2015

Five Hacks You can Do Everyday to be Happier

Throughout this blog, there are tidbits about how to be happier, and discussions about why we would even want to be happier, and the positive effects our happiness can have on us, our families, communities and society at large.

So, assuming that being happier is a good thing, here are 5 hacks Shawn Achor recommends you do everyday to condition yourself to be happier:

According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happy Secret to Better Work:
1)      Bring gratitude to mind – Write down three NEW things that you are grateful for each day
2)      Journal – About a positive experience you’ve had recently for 2 minutes once a day
3)      Exercise –  Engage in 15 minutes of mindful cardio activity
4)      Meditate – Watch your breath go in and out for 2 minutes a day and
5)      Engage in a random, conscious act of kindness   Write a 2-minute positive email thanking a friend or colleague, or compliment someone you admire on social media