Sunday 20 December 2015

Men are Healthier and Happier if They Meet with Pals Twice a Week

It's so common in our society to put our priorities in the wrong place.  We make our choices with the best of intentions, but they actually are jeopardizing the very goals we're striving to achieve.

One example is how we decide to spend our time, and with whom.  It would seem to make sense that if we want to "be successful", we should spend more time at the office to get stuff done.  But truth be told, we should be spending more time with our mates!

A study in 2013 by Robin Dunbar, director of Oxford University’s social and evolutionary neuroscience research group, revealled that if men met up with four other male friends, face to face, at least twice a week... regardless of why... they would reap the benefits of male friendship. Those benefits, in addition to general health, include faster recovery times when faced with illnesses, and even higher levels of generosity.

Um... now this study WAS sponsored by Guinness, the makers of the famous Irish stout and stewards of dozens of other worldwide beer brands.  Which doesn't make this study irrelevant or incorrect, but who knows if they're hiding other studies which show that meeting up once a week with two friends away from a bar actually brings even BETTER results... :)